Today in the city Norfolk 18.06.2019

Real Canadian Bowhunters 2019 Southern Ontario Turkey Hunt

Season 1 Trailer of RCB southern Ontario crossbow Eastern Wild Turkey Hunt.

Blue elephant investigation-setup

Why Handstand Push Ups? by Sean of Port Dover ontario

Despite being one of the most badass exercises of all time, handstand push ups also rock for the following reasons: They build incredible shoulder and upper ...

First Time Beekeepers | Installing the Nuc | We got bees!

We have some unBEElievable news. Last year we decided to add bees to our mini farm and they have finally arrived! Watch us as we try to install our first Nuc ...

Girlfriend Doesn't Like Cold Water

I love her but she's silly haha.

Neurology, HPT and sharing a life changing mission

VOXX Conference 2019 Niagara Falls.

Senior Skip Day: Port Dover

The day after grad was Port Dover Bound. It was a super fun time except for the part where we all came home a lil burnt...

Waterford North Conservation Area

Driving boat around Waterford Ponds Ontario.

My Boys new pet Ducklings

Cutest baby ducklings ever (Bella and Blade possibly lol)

Good day

Driving From Hamilton to Waterford

Time Lapse Driving Video from Hamilton To Waterford Ontario.

Driving in Waterford Ontario

Driving through Waterford Ontario Canada.

CC-130 Hercules plane

CC-130 Hercules plane flying low over Simcoe Ontario. May 21, 2019.

#TESTDRIVETUESDAY - 2019 Hyundai Tucson

Tuesday of course means one thing at SouthCoast Hyundai - it's #TestDriveTuesday. Product Advisor Melissa Canady takes us for a spin in a sweet looking blue ...

Driving from Waterford to Hagersville


Idkwtd lol.

Protest in Port Dover Against Ford Government Cuts to Public Services

On May 9, 2019, concerned citizens, parents, and teachers stood in protest at a Conservative Party fundraiser held in Port Dover, Ontario, with Premier Doug ...

260 Duncombe Road Waterford, ON

Dern Wesley - Broken Down

"Anyone says anything..." A little motivation has got me a bit more positive these days. That might be new, but I'll be stayin underground even when I'm old.

Port Dover August 13 2010

Friday the 13th bike rally in Port Dover Ontario Canada.

Karla The Goldfish

Snow in slow motion

Fun time with snow Director; Lazyboy007 Staring ⭐ : mannakkk #canada #oshawa #funny #canadianmallu # mallu.

Karla The Goldfish

First Stream Ever

Bunsons Birdies

Karla The Goldfish

Bunsons Birdies

Tour Norfolk's recycling facility

Take an inside look at Norfolk County's recycling processes.

Karla The Goldfish

Karla The Goldfish

Karla The Goldfish

Karls The Golfish

Karla The Golfish

Trip to DnD Night

Trip to DnD night from Caledonia to Simcoe via Six Nations.

Karla The Goldfish - Night Shift

Karla The Goldfish

Testing And Getting Ready For The Finches


Racine purebred Shih Tzu puppies

For sale.

Downtown SIMCOE

How to spin a b-ball in your finger

Hoi guys

DURecorder This is my video recorded with DU Recorder. It's easy to record your screen and livestream. Download link: Android: iOS: ...

Feb 27th Snow Storm time lapse - 9 min version

So the weather man predicted a snow storm and he was right for a change. Downtown Simcoe is the view.

Feb 27th Snow Storm - 2 min version

Same video of the snow storm just compresses to 2 minutes. Watch for the ambulance.

VOXX Neuro Tech Practitioner Testimony - Life Changing!

As a Natural Nutritional Clinical Practitioner, I am blessed to experience and share the wonders of this technology!

Bunson and Krissatra go to get new Dice

Trip to Hamilton and back to Simcoe on a mission to get new dice for Krissatra. Picked up Monty for DnD night on the way.

Updating y'all part one

my vlog

Snowy ride home

Hard a hard time with the blades on this ride. Finally figured out how to get the picture right side up.

Ride to work

Day after the ices torn getting a bit of snow.
Weather in the city Norfolk the week
         What is the weather in Norfolk will be tomorrow? We know the answer to that question